About us


At the PAWliday Inn we offer your pet a private room with a raised bed, plush blankets and a private “potty” courtyard.

Our staff-to-guest ratio ensures that your pet will receive one-on-one attention, plenty of exercise, and, of course, lots of belly rubs!


The PAWliday Inn is owned and operated by Rob Cooke and Jennifer Doyle. Their goal is to provide clients and pets with the best boarding experience possible.

Jennifer and Rob’s 20+ years in the corporate world has taught them that customer satisfaction is paramount. They understand that this is achieved when a customer’s expectations are exceeded. This is why the PAWliday Inn strives to meet every possible need of both humans and their pets.

Jen and Rob have a love and passion for animals and are dedicated to operating a first class facility where dogs are treated like they are on vacation!

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